Consultancy Services
Selection Assistance
We assist you in the recruiting process and help you hire right the first time.

Through a streamlined process we assist you in closely analysing and describing your candidate’s suitability for a specific role and give you validated insight on motivational drives, strengths, social ability, likely performance levels and important developmental areas. Information that supports your decision about which individual best meet your company’s requirements and a matchmaking that has proven to dramatically reduces staff turn-over, whilst increasing engagement and productivity.

The process can be customized but typically entail:

  • Dialogue with client on job requirements and reading of job post
  • Candidate completes assessments - assessements based on job requirements
  • Individual feedback/interview of candidate by A&D consultant
  • Verbal review and discussion of each candidate given to the client
  • Customized individual assessment and development report (optional)

We base our assessment process on the three core personality assessments of Hogan Assessment Systems (HPI, HDS, MVPI) and frequently administrate also the validated cognitive assessment RAVEN'S APM for a complete assessment.

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RAVEN’S™ Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM)

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