Hogan Configure

Unlocking the door to talent

On a user-friendly web-based platform, Hogan Configure helps you to accurately evaluate potential talent in prospective and incumbent employees based on Hogan’s powerful personality tests.

Hogan Configure leverages three decades of data to create the only competency-based solution that puts Hogan’s predictive power and scientific rigor at your fingertips. The easy-to-use, three-step process allows employers to create, customize and compare candidates in order to determine their key attributes, qualities and skills.

Create: Start from scratch, or from a predesigned job family template proven to predict what it takes to get the job done.

Customize: Add or remove competencies to capture the nuances of a particular position or corporate culture

Compare: View candidates side by side to understand the strengths and shortcomings each brings to the table, and who stands out.

Hogan Configure is applicable for the entire Talent Management Process:

  • (Early) Identification of Talent
  • Detection of Hidden Talent
  • Leadership Pipeline Transitions
  • Ranking of Populations, Talents and Candidates
  • Prediction of Performance in specific job roles
  • Succession Planning


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