Consultancy Services
Working With Talents
By applying our knowledge about competencies, personality-related characteristics, organisation and strategic focus, we can provide valuable insights and data to assess and develop the talents in your organisation.

Working with talents today, we find that most organisations focus on two key questions:

  • Who are they and how do we identify them?
  • How to do we motivate, develop and retain them?

Assessment & Selection

By using the data from Hogan Assessments, we are able to assess talents in your organisation to and evaluate their potential to become high performers. We use Hogan’s research and extensive knowledge about high performers in various industries and across organisational levels and are able to identify potential blind spots, derailment risks, assess decision styles and uncover personality driven biases.

We can assist you with identifying competencies needed for success at higher levels in the organisation by mapping Hogan assessments scale-scores to the organisation's competency model.



The Hogan domain model provides the framework to identify individual strengths and development needs plus as well as the most effective development activities for the high potentials in your organisation.

The goal for all of our development projects is to create a solid individual development plan, which can be maintained by the individual, the manager and possibly HR.

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Consultancy Services

Selection Assistance

We assist you in the recruiting process and help you hire right the first time.

Through a streamlined process we closely analyse and describe your candidate’s suitability for the specific role and give you validated insight on motivational drives, strengths, social ability, likely performance levels and important developmental areas.

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Consultancy Services

Executive Coaching

With focus on creating strategic self-awareness and finding new and better strategies for you to handle problematic situations we set clear goals with you and work purposefully on the areas that will strengthen and empower you as a leader. 

Watch the brief video on our approach to Executive Coaching with Tom Cook, Principal Consultant.

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