Talent Management

Assisting organisations with hiring, developing, retaining and identifying talented people.

By applying our knowledge about competencies, personality-related characteristics, organisation and strategic focus, we are able to contribute and assist organisations' Talent Management Process on many levels.

Recruitment & Selection: Selecting the best people for the right jobs. Candidate selection at all levels can be made more effective. The assessment battery should be adapted to the vacant position and level – it is essential to avoid "assessment overload“.

On-boarding & Engagement: Helping employees get up to speed, assimilated, and valued. Development when in transition is essential for successful performance and new employees should receive a development plan. It is our experience that qualified feedback and coaching minimises the derailment risk for managers in transition.

Performance Management / Retention: Helping employees get up to speed, assimilated, and valued. The use of HPI and HDS help front-line and middle managers to lead more effectively and manage potentially destructive behaviours. It is important to leverage managers' strengths to maximize their effectiveness.

High Potential Programs: Identifying employees' skills and personal qualities necessary for becoming good leaders in your organisation. We can assist you with identifying competencies needed for success at higher levels in the organisation by mapping Hogan assessments scale-scores to the organisation's competency model. By adapting the Hogan domain model to identify individual strengths and development needs plus the most effective development activities it is possible rank the high potentials in an organisation. Hogan Configure is a valuable tool in this process.

Succession Planning: Identifying individuals ready to move into various roles in the organisation. Executive succession mistakes can take 18-24 months to uncover. Even seasoned candidates who are technically and interpersonally skilled can derail if: They don’t fit the job and the organisation. It is important to uncover their personality risk factors. Succession does not equal replacement.