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Based on high-level consulting and Hogan's personality assessments we help you identify, develop and retain your talents
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Hogan Assessment Systems provide premium assessment-based solutions for making valid and reliable decisions about people
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Official Hogan distributor

We are proud to be Europe's leading Hogan distributor serving local and global organisations.

Learn how Hogan Assessments and the many reporting options can benefit you.

What we offer
Products & Services

We centre our business on three main areas – Hogan assessment tools, consultancy services and training & certification.

Regardless of choice we help you release the potential of your people and organisation.

The Dark side
The dark side can derail careers and companies, but it doesn’t have to

The Hogan Development Survey identifies and gives insight to the personality-based derailers that can limit effectiveness and career potential.

Who we are
The A&D team

Our highly skilled consulting team of psychologists, executive coaches and business profiles has global experience and their services are based on a strong theoretical foundation and an extensive practical experience.

By applying a collaborative approach to our customers our team strives to create results through improved strategic self-awareness and concrete behavioural change.

To us quality, reliability and responsibility is key - this is true for our services and our people.



Workshop and certification calendar
We have workshops planned in Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands

You can get an overview of all our certification workshops and training options in our Workshop Calendar.

How Hogan’s Personality Assessments Improve Workplace Safety

Each year, accidents and work-related illnesses cost billions of euros in needless business expenses. In 2017, Europe alone lost more than €476 billion.

The Hogan reports allow organisations to identify safety-minded candidates and saves clients time and unnecessary costs while making the workplace a safer environment for everyone.