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We centre our business on three main areas – Hogan assessment tools, consultancy services and training & certification
Products & Services

Hogan Assessment Tools

Having set the industry standards and being used by more than half of the fortune 500 companies we have selected Hogan Assessments to form the basis for all our assessment services.

With more than four decades of validated research in personality’s impact on organizational success Hogan really is second to none.

If you want to know more about Hogan, the assessments or the many reporting options click the link below.

Products & Services

Consultancy Services

Our consultancy services are based on extensive practical experience and our approach is deeply collaborative and relationship-driven. We have knowhow in all aspects of individual, team and organisational development and create results with our partners through increased strategic self-awareness and concrete behavioural change.

Whether it is Hogan feedbacks, selection assistance, team development, talent management processes, successor planning or executive coaching, we support you in unlocking the full potential of your workforce.

Products & Services

Training & Certification

As Hogan distributor we facilitate certification workshops in Hogan Assessments and offer a variety of workshops to further enhance and upskill you. We have numerous workshops planned in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. 

Learn more about the different options and find your workshop dates in our workshop calendar.

A&D Resources specialises in assessment and development of individuals, teams and organisations, as a supplier of personality assessments and consulting services.

We have had a close collaboration with Hogan Assessment Systems since 2002 and we are the official Hogan Distributor in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. As official distributor we have access to the Hogan Distributor Global Network and the ability to serve global organisations.

Unlock the full potential of your workforce

Based on high-level consulting and Hogan's personality assessments we help you identify, develop and retain your talents