Ravens Advanced Progressive Matrices

It measures the ability to make meaning out of confusion, formulate new concepts and solve problems and tasks when faced with novel, complex information in unfamiliar situations. This assessment can help predict the ability of job candidates to do new tasks. The RAVEN’S APM item-banked assessment is suitable for assessing applicants at college graduate, supervisory, managerial and executive levels in numerous roles across all industry sectors.

Hogan Assessment Systems has decided to make a change of core cognitive assessment from Matrigma to RAVEN'S APM effective 1 June 2018.

The Same Trusted Results with New Features

RAVEN’S is a non-verbal assessment that can be used across candidate pools where multiple languages are spoken thus removing language bias. RAVEN’S APM item-banked online assessment is designed to help you effectively, objectively and efficiently screen applicants’ general cognitive ability levels in unsupervised settings.

RAVEN’S APM at a Glance:

  • Assesses advanced observation and clear thinking skills
  • Analyzes ability to solve new and complex problems
  • Predicts ability to grasp new concepts quickly


Benefits of the new RAVEN’S APM item-banked assessment include:

  • Questions drawn from a large bank: No two test takers receive the same set of questions, protecting the integrity of the test
  • Online for unsupervised or supervised completion
  • Equivalent in length and difficulty to previous fixed form version of APM