Hogan Certification

The Hogan Assessment Certification is a workshop that trains participants in using the three Hogan inventories: HPI, HDS and MVPI.

The Certification Workshop enhances each participant's interpretive skills through presentations, advanced case studies, applied feedback, and coaching.

Participants will conduct detailed interpretation and analysis of assessment results. Successful demonstration of data interpretation and feedback proficiency will lead to documented certification on the Hogan inventories: 


Find the dates for our open Certification Workshops in Denmark and Benelux in our Workshop Planner.

Please notice that we also arrange internal workshops for our clients. If you have 6 or more employees interested in the certification we highly recommend this solution for our clients. It allows for you to discuss the opportunities and use for Hogan Assessments in direct connection with your organisational needs. 

The Certification Workshop includes many valuable benefits for each participant and the workshop includes:

  • A free personal assessment and 1½ hour feedback session
  • Two free Hogan test ID’s, for each participant to assess two test persons
  • A paperback copy of The Hogan Guide, 1 workbook with extra hand-outs and access to three technical manuals (HPI, HDS, and MVPI)
  • Set-up on our assessment platform, Hogan Assessment Link Online (HALO), to administer the three assessments online (HPI, HDS, and MVPI) and receive reports via e-mail
  • 2 days of teaching by consultants who have multiple years of assessment administration - and interpretation experience.
  • 1 follow-up day that gives the participant an opportunity to discuss their experiences with Hogan Assessments and the feedbacks with other newly certified participants and an experienced A&D Resources Consultant.
  • 1 hour individual Hogan Certification, where the participant will present a test person and the results. Participants, who successfully complete the simulation-based practice feedback session, will receive a certificate acknowledging completion of the Hogan Certification.


For more information about prices and registration for Hogan Certification Workshops in Denmark and Benelux, please contact our support team at info@adresources.com.