Team Development

Working with Teams

A&D Resources offer two main Team Development services, which all can be tailored to match the needs and goals of your organisation: Team Dynamics and Leader Assimilation.

The first concept being Team Dynamics.

The Team Dynamics process consists of four stages, which provide awareness and transparency, builds Team Inter-Relationships, earns trust, creates a "Challenging" Team Atmosphere and strengthens Interdependencies.

As preparation before the process each member receives individual feedback in order to create a common frame of reference prior to the first stage.

The time investment for these full days (Modules 1-4) will be 4 individual modules typically stretching over a 3/4 to a full year.

The Preparation Stage and Module 1 are used as the platform for determining which direction to take with the team. Modules 2-4 can be interchanged all depending on outcome of Module 1 and should be used as an indication for the flow.

  • Module 1: Team Diagnostic
  • Module 2: Building Inter-Relationships & Earning Trust
  • Module 3: Creating a "Challenging" Team Atmosphere and Creating Interdependencies
  • Module 4: Building on the process from previous steps


Our second service for Team Development is New Leader Assimilation Process.

The purpose for this service is to accelerate integration process for you with your new team. This is used for you as leader coming into an existing team. The process fits all scenarios for a leader integrating into a team and is appropriate for experienced and new leaders.

The process consists of 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: A&D facilitator meets with the team and develops responses to the following questions.
  • Phase 2: The facilitator will meet with you separately to go over the results.
  • Phase 3: You, the facilitator and the team will reconvene and you will try to answer and discuss the questions and comments generated.