Hogan Feedback

When providing Hogan feedback it is crucial that the person giving the feedback remembers that assessment is an intervention. A Hogan interpretation and feedback is comprehensive and therefore it is essential that our Hogan users have all the material they need to provide the best possible Hogan feedback for their test persons. 

Best practice advice for Hogan users:

In the menu to the right you will find documents that will help you to prepare for and provide a Hogan Feedback session.

First, we have created a 3-step Interpretation Process model, which gives a structure for your interpretation of the Hogan profile and will provide you with the most optimal preparation for your Hogan feedback session.

Secondly, you will find a document that provide you with tips for the three stages of the feedback session; initiating, structuring and round-off.

Third, there is a list of discussion points for all scales in HPI, HDS and MVPI, which you might find inspirational for the Hogan feedback session

Lastly, all of the three abovementioned documents are gathered in one slideshow.

Remember to:

  • Create a "non-judgemental" atmosphere - make sure, that the feedback is an equal and balanced dialogue
  • Let the test person do most of the work - get the test person to shed light on his or her own scores with examples, and make sure that the test person talks more than you do
  • Use explanations such as: "Others that score like you typically experience...", "How does this show in your everyday life?" - For inspiration please see the discussion points for all scales in HPI, HDS and MVPI
  • Don't be apologetic for the test person's scores
  • Don't push your interpretation - make room for the person's own understanding of self
  • Don't get startled if a profile looks "challenged" - the test person has probably been rather successful despite
  • The purpose of looking at challenges is not to change personality - but to gain awareness and work with one's development areas
  • Remember that assessment is an intervention - a Hogan interpretation and feedback is comprehensive, thus high ethics are important


If you have any questions regarding interpretation of Hogan profiles our consultants are available for a brief discussion. Please contact at info@adresources.com or +45 45851515 with your questions.