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Corporate Analytics
Exploit the treasure trove of existing data to improve talent management processes, increase performance and assess your likelihood of success in the future.

Hogan Corporate Analytics is the key to leverage your existing Hogan data to map the company's corporate culture and tun potential blind spots into actionable insights for increased competitiveness and performance.

Questions that can be addressed by Hogan Corporate Analytics can be:

  • What kind of people are selected as High Potentials, and why?
  • Who leaves the company due to attrition and what effects will this have over the long term?
  • What characterises people who advances, and what characterises people who ae fired?
  • What is the leader profile for your company, and do they live up to the values and competencies that are wanted?

Every time you use Hogan Assessments, you create valuable information about the company. Hogan Corporate Analytics is an analytical consulting service that:

  • With the company, analyses Hogan Personality data to solve concrete issues
  • Unlocks the insights hidden in existing data
  • Addresses performance issues due to cultural and group misfit or adverse processes
  • Identifies blind spots with potential high cost if they are not addressed in time
  • Halts group dynamics that cause collective blind spots to develop over time
  • Uses existing data to assess and develop your company team and cultural dynamics to improve performance
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Consultancy Services

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