Training & Certification
Online Training

HBRI Online Certification (free of charge) 

The objective of this online session is to define, illustrate, and provide interpretation of the three major business reasoning abilities that comprise business judgment and managerial decision making.

When used with the accompanying workbook, this self-paced session will prepare the participant to interpret and use the HBRI to help candidates develop their business reasoning strategies in a more effective manner. The module has recorded narration (audio), so turn up the volume on your computer's speakers.

Hogan Judgement Certification

To become certified to use the Hogan Judgment Report, we require completion of our Judgement certification web course. Please note that you must view the course in its entirety.

The online session will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Hogan 360 Certification

This webinar runs for approximately 20 minutes and will remain available to you to review as required. Once you have successfully viewed the entire webinar, you will be qualified to administer and interpret the Hogan 360˚ and will be provided with a formal acknowledgement of your Hogan 360° qualification.

This formal acknowledgement will also include information relating to an optinal application of learning component, including two case studies and an accompanying worksheet designed to fine tune your understanding and interpretation of the Hogan 360°.

High Potential Talent Report Certification (free of charge)

The certification instructs the participant in understanding and using the Hogan assessment tools to develop a high-potential talent population.

The first part of the web course presents an overview of the Hogan High Potential Talent Report including the Hogan High Potential Model. The sections break out the model in its relationship to report including Leadership Emergence, Leadership Effectiveness, and Leadership Foundations. The next three sections of this training covers an individual development planning exercise to focus development areas and track progress of your high-potential talent.

The online session will take approximately 15-30 minutes to complete.

Hogan Team Report Certification (free of charge)

The certification instructs the participant in understanding and using Hogan assessment tools to develop high-performing teams.

The first part of the web course presents an overview of the Hogan Team Report. Team roles, team derailers, and team values are discussed as well as selected individual profiles. The next part of the course involves reading key excerpts from the Team Report User Manual. The Team Report User Manual excerpts are designed to provide you with additional depth about the foundations for the Team Report and more information about how to interpret Team Report scores.

After you review the manual excerpts, you must complete the quiz to test your understanding of the Team Report. Passing this course quiz will complete your certification to start using the Hogan Team Report materials. The online session will take approximately 30 to 45 minutes to complete.

Please note, you must be Hogan Certified as a prerequisite to this course. If you are not currently certified, please contact us at or +45 45851515 / +31 202620385. 

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