Training & Certification
Safety Certification

The ultimate purpose of Hogan Safety Training is to help improve workers’ safety awareness and safety behavior on the job. The Hogan Safety Report identifies personality-based risks that can cause on-the-job accidents.

The training course leverages the value of the information contained within the Hogan Safety Report in these three ways:

1. Delivers a full, interactive explanation of the Hogan Safety Report to help employees (team members) and their supervisors properly interpret and utilize the information contained within the report. Includes a case study that the training participants review and discuss to test their understanding of the Safety Report.

2. Provides a straightforward, three-step Safety Coaching Process that employees and supervisors use to discuss each employee’s Safety Report results and develop individual action plans to maintain and improve safety-related behavior in the workplace.

3. Includes two simple tools:

  • A Safety Performance Improvement Plan that employees use to acknowledge what they have learned from their individual Safety Reports and identify actions they plan to take to positively impact their safety-related behavior.
  • A Safety Coaching Checklist that supervisors use to prepare safety coaching and follow-up with their employees.