Product Update: HBRI

An updated Hogan Business Reasoning (HBRI) report will be available beginning December 4, 2019, and activated on all accounts with access to the HBRI. 

What is new in this update?

Updates in the Hogan Business Reasoning (HBRI) report include a revised report layout, more intuitive subscale names, and improved interpretive text. The updated HBRI provides the same overall business reasoning score as the current version, but the Tactical and Strategic subscales will be replaced with Qualitative Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning. We are confident this change will provide increased accuracy and a better user experience for our clients.

We anticipate an easy transition, and nothing additional is required on your part. Account updates, including current HALO groups with access to HBRI and any unused IDs that are set for the HBRI, will be made automatically.

For additional information on the updates, please see this document. Note that there will be no changes to overall scoring, norms, or price. The technical manual will be updated on HALO and available for download on the date of the update.