Guideline to Transition

Please feel free to share this information with any Hogan users you may know in Sweden, Norway or Finland.

Information for current Hogan users in Sweden, Norway and Finland
A&D Resources has been announced as the new distributor of Hogan Assessments in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Read more here.

Due to this existing Hogan users in the three markets must be transferred to A&D before 1 December 2019.

We are happy to announce that arrangements have been made between Hogan, Assessio, and A&D Resources to ensure a smooth account transition of all Hogan users in which all users will still be able to access their accounts during the transition period.

In the transition period existing projects currently in progress can be handled through Assessio whereas new projects and product purchases starting 1 November 2019 must be initiated with A&D Resources.

Follow these 3 steps to keep access to your account:

1.    Move current HALO account or create a new account

  • To transfer your existing account, please fill out the contact form at Hogan’s website here and they will support you throughout the process

2.    Complete data processing agreement with A&D

  • Fill out contact and company information in the DPA form on this page and we will forward our standard DPA for you to review and sign

3.    Appointment with the A&D Team

  • Let us know when you are available for a short conversation to go through your needs and requirements and initiate our coorporation.



How does this affect the service I receive as a Hogan customer?
Your Hogan services will remain the same and A&D will support you in your use. With A&D Resources you will have a close dialogue with experts about your needs and opportunities based on our strong theoretical and practical knowledge and experience.


What are A&D Resources' prices, terms and conditions?
See our terms and conditions here. For price lists contact our team.

Please note that A&D does not charge users an annually license fee to uphold certification or use Hogan products.


Your rights as data controller
Everything with regards to current data is handled by Hogan and/or your current distributor.

As the controller of your Hogan data, you have the right to have it moved from the current distributor’s control into a new account under A&D Resources. Depending on the location of the data, you may need to provide very specific information for it to be identified. Please note Hogan reports purchased directly from your current distributor cannot be moved without that distributor’s permission.

For more information fill out the contact form at Hogan’s website here and they will support you throughout the process.


A&D Resources specialises in assessment and development of individuals, teams and organisations, as a supplier of personality assessments and consulting services. We have had a close collaboration with Hogan Assessment Systems since 2002 and we are the official Hogan Distributor in Denmark and the Benelux countries. As official distributor we have access to the Hogan Distributor Global Network and the ability to serve global organisations.