The Hogan Safety Report identifies personality-based risks that can cause on-the-job accidents. Hogan research shows that unsafe work behaviour can be assessed using psychometrically validated measures. The Safety Report is based on this research and identifies six very distinct dimensions of Safety-Related Behavior across industries as well as three areas of general employment fit.

  • The Hogan Safety Certification includes:
  • 1-day workshop
  • Training materials: Workshop manual, case-studies and handouts
  • Own Hogan HPI Data and Safety Report + 1 trial ID
  • Framework for Hogan Safety Development Plan and Safety Coaching



  • Hogan Safety Assessment - Introduction and overview (Personality and how it relates to Safety + Real Life Examples)
  • Hogan Safety (Interpretation of the six Safety Dimensions + Case Studies)
  • Feedback and implementation (Providing feedback on the Safety Report + Building a Safety Performance Improvement Plan + Training in giving Safety Feedback and Safety Coaching)
  • Q & As 



  • The Hogan Safety Assessments are completed online on Hogan’s secure IT platform (HALO).
  • The administration of data takes place by protected access.
  • The online platform is easy to use for candidates, recruiters as well as administrative personnel. Upon certification A&D Resources will set-up training in the administration of the online assessment account – HALO.