Subscale Format Updates

In May, 2016 Hogan Assessments will launch a new brick format for graphically displaying HPI and MVPI subscale scores. This new display format is consistent with the format currently used for HDS subscales, although there are some minor differences in what these bricks mean across assessments.

On May 2, all HPI and MVPI reports containing subscale data will change over to a graphical format similar to the current HDS subscale format. This update standardises and simplifies subscale interpretation across the HPI, HDS, and MVPI assessments.

The following resources provide an overview of the changes and will ensure a seamless transition to the updated subscale format:

The HPI still includes 7 primary scales and 42 subscales (including Validity)

The HDS still includes 11 primary scales and 33 subscales

The MVPI still includes 10 primary scales and 50 subscale themes

The new brick format will appear on reports generated starting May 2, 2016

Raw subscale scores will no longer appear on reports

The new subscale bricks will appear in the following reports: Leadership Forecast Reports (Potential, Challenge, Values), Insight and Flash

To ensure our clients and partners have sufficient information about this new format for the HPI and MVPI subscales you can find the following material on this page:

  • The Interpretive Guide Subscale Format
  • FAQ Subscale - English
  • FAQ Subskala - Dansk
  • Flash report sample


If you are not already familiar with the HDS subscales, please go to our page on Hogan Development Survey - HDS.

If you have any questions regarding the subscales format, please contact us at or +45 45851515.