Don’t Try to Be the “Fun Boss”

— and Other Lessons in Ethical Leadership


The ethical misconduct of leaders in not a new concern, but it seems to be a more prevalent concern today. So what should today’s leaders do to build trust with their teams and the public?

Showing your team that you exercise caution, take calculated risks, and will adhere to organizational principles will go a long way toward gaining their trust. Trying to be liked and known as “the fun boss” can tarnish your reputation in the long run. It’s OK to stay out of the limelight and keep some space between you and your team. It sends signals that you are there for their professional benefit and that they can rely on you when needed. Spending too much time trying to get noticed or having a “win at all costs” mentality to get ahead can put you (and your team) at a higher risk of engaging in unethical behavior. Being a more self-aware leader will help to keep you (and your team) on track.


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Written by: Kimberly Nei and Darin Nei from Hogan Assessment Systems