Dealing with Poor Leadership

Last week we gathered more than 200 HR professionals, leaders and consultants in Copenhagen and Amsterdam to discuss the theme Dealing with Poor Leadership.

The future success of companies is defined by their leadership capacity, i.e. by the quality of leadership at all levels of the organisation, and how that inevitably affects employee engagement and motivation. Some good leaders are easy to identify and that goes for some bad leaders as well.

But how about the leaders who are with you, maybe for some time, but you don’t really have a feel for their impact, and they may not show up in leadership terms, when you need them to?

Absentee leadership is a real factor that slowly unhinges otherwise well-run companies. Absentee leaders are everywhere, they destroy employee engagement, and they are very hard to identify because they are invisible. As a result, they accumulate in organisations.


The three presenters; Dr. Robert Hogan, Trish Kellett and Tom E. Cook shared insights and thoughts about Absentee Leaders, Dark Side Behaviour and Personality Allergies.


The slides from the events can be downloaded below.