Matrigma measures cognitive ability and is used to predict career success and job performance.

Matrigma results will help predict behaviours such as critical reasoning skills, clear thinking, learning skills and sound decision making. Whether testing is part of an organisational assessment strategy or if the tool is used on single occasions, Matrigma clarifies and pinpoints fundamental qualities of business related problem solving and demands that are faced on a daily basis.

Research shows that a candidate’s level of cognitive ability helps to predict job performance, job satisfaction, voluntary turnover, and training performance as well as counter-productive work behaviours. In more complex jobs such as managerial or specialist roles, cognitive ability has an even higher impact.

HIGH SCORERS exhibit behaviours such as quick problem solving, fast learning in new situations, and an ability to solve problems on the spot when there is no room to rely on previous experience. High scorers are typically viewed as efficient, creative in their problem solving, and flexible from an intellectual point of view.

LOW SCORERS are often performing at their best in situations and on job tasks where they can depend on previous experience, rather than in new, unknown situations. Their ability to improvise and to quickly find the most effective way to deal with a task can be challenged in novel situations.

Matrigma was published in 2010 by Assessio International, a Swedish test-publishing house and consultancy organization that has developed psychological tests since 1954.


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