Prior to the activity, each individual will receive feedback on their Hogan profile and everyone participating will have a personal one-on-one session in preparation for the day. This will have an impact on the intimacy and dynamics of the activity for each member while participating.

The purpose of the day is to look into and understand the leader’s “human dynamics” crucial for their potential and success – this being conducted through intimate exercises on the intricacies of their personality as it affects others. The purpose is also to strengthen knowledge and self-awareness to build and improve leadership competences and skills.

We aim to create a learning atmosphere of inquisitiveness, curiosity and dialogue where everyone plays an active role and assists in giving each other a solid impression of “who you are” and your potential impact as a leader for yourself and others.

Areas include:

  • Gaining self-insight and building consciousness about where your personality determines your leadership style
  • Understanding the bright side, the dark side and the ”inside” drivers of your behaviour and how this impacts yourself, your team and the environment around you as a leader
  • Helping to better define your development areas to improve personal impact and leadership style
  • Gaining fundamental theoretical knowledge of behaviour and personality to be better equipped in your interpersonal relations as a leader
  • Learning through others the differences between your self-image and your ”reputation” – “the you, you know, vs. the you others know”