The Hogan Team Dynamics Workshop

The Hogan Team Dynamics Workshop has as its optimal goal to train you to be able to prepare, analyse and facilitate a team workshop, building on your already acquired knowledge of Hogan from your Hogan Certification.

The full day workshop will touch upon theory behind teams, the use of Hogan in a team context, how to analyse the team results in HPI, HDS and MVPI as well as facilitation tips and tricks. Lastly, you will be provided with a team board and all the accessories that follow in order to perform a team process in your organisation. We look forward to spending an interactive day with you and other team colleagues in learning the Hogan Team Dynamics Certification process.

The Hogan Team Dynamics Workshop has as its primary goal that you achieve the following:

  • learn about teams and what drives teams forward
  • be able to use Hogan as a tool in improving a team’s effectiveness
  • be able to facilitate with your ”customers” a team dynamics process through using the Team Discovery game board and other team accessories provided
  • increase your knowledge within HPI, HDS and MVPI in a team context


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The Hogan Team Dynamics Workshops overall agenda is:

  • The Foundations of Teams – building blocks
  • High Performing Teams - essentials
  • Theory and knowledge of Hogan Roles, Derailment and Values with a Team perspective
  • Team Dynamics Process and Facilitation of a Case using; Team Diagnostisc Board and Accessories, Team Psychological Roles, Team Derailment and Team Values


The overall teaching methodology consists of:

  • Theory
  • Inquiry
  • Exercises and Cases
  • Shared plenum discussions
  • Exchange of professional experiences