Hogan Team Discovery Workshop

21 November 2019
9:00 - 15:30

For HR Professionals

This Team Discovery Workshop is aimed at Hogan certified HR professionals who have experience with individual assessments and feedbacks within the Hogan Assessments suite and who are now ready to bring this experience into a team context.

The workshop will cover topics like; how to understand and work with teams in general, and how to understand and use the Hogan Team Report, including how to use the Team Discovery Board and facilitation toolkit. At the completion of the workshop you will be equipped with a full Team Discovery Facilitation toolkit to run team development processes in your own organisation.

To sign up for this workshop please go to the registration form at the bottom of this page.

The Hogan Team Discovery Workshop has as its primary learning objectives:

  • Become a competent user of Hogan as a tool to improve a team's effectiveness
  • Be able to facilitate your own internal Team Discovery Workshop using the Toolkit provided
  • Improve your knowledge of HPI, HDS and MVPI scales in a team context
  • Ability to analyse and make interpretations of different team configurations


The overall teaching methodology consists of:

  • Theory Inquiry Exercises and Cases
  • Shared plenum discussions
  • Exchange of professional experiences 


We look forward to spending an interactive day with you and your colleagues exploring the potential of the Hogan Team Discovery process.