Senior Consultant

Sys Spogárd

Senior Consultant
Business Psychologist & Executive Coach
M.Sc. Psychology
About Sys Spogárd

Sys is a Senior Consultant with A&D Resources known for her passionate and inclusive approach to facilitation and coaching. As a veteran executive consultant, her responsibilities and focus evolve around facilitating development processes for both Danish and international clients.

A consultant since 2007, Sys has worked for both Scandinavian and international consultancy firms with client bases across a broad range of sectors and industries. Her specialty areas include executive coaching, psychometric testing, training and assessment programmes – often with the aim of linking leadership or individual development to a specific business strategy.

When working with our clients, Sys takes on a variety of roles including those of facilitator, challenger, coach, sparring partner and assessor.

Sys holds and M.Sc. in Psychology from University of Copenhagen and is certified in a number of assessments, including Hogan Assessments.