Associated Senior Consultant

Lone Willer Holm

Associated Senior Consultant
Executive Coach
M.Sc. Psychology
About Lone Willer Holm

As an business psychologist, Lone Willer Holm has more than 25 years’ experience in the development of leaders, teams and businesses, with whom she has worked as an internal and external consultant. She has worked with leaders at all organisational levels in a wide range of industries both nationally and internationally.

Lone’s services include recruiting, coaching and developing leaders; coaching and developing teams and management teams. She also provides strategic courses of development at the corporate level. Lone has taught leadership at Copenhagen Business School, for Mannaz and on a number of internal business courses.

Lone works as a consultant/facilitator, project manager, coach, trainer, mediator and expert. She is a trained business psychologist from Copenhagen University and holds a BSc in Business (Organisation) from CBS. In her work with leaders, she succeeds in combining psychology and business, and Hogan is often the foundation of the continued development of leaders or teams.

Lone is certified in Hogan Assessments as well as a number of other assessment tools. She is also an accredited executive coach from Ashridge Business School.