Founder & Board Member

Joan Jakobsen

Founder & Board Member
Founder of A&D Resources
M.Sc. Psychology & Chartered Psychologist
About Joan Jakobsen

As the founder of A&D Resources, Joan leads a culture built on an extreme level of expertise. Two psychology degrees paired with her unique relationship with Hogan Assessment Systems, makes Joan a crucial driver behind our clients’ continued development. Not only personally or managerially but also from a commercial standpoint.

In partnership with the founders Robert and Joyce Hogan, Joan is responsible for developing and introducing the Danish adaptation of Hogan Assessment Systems.

Today, Joan utilizes this expert knowledge to ensure that our clients maximise their development gains from these advanced assessment tools. Joan is a chartered psychologist with an MSc from Aarhus University and a 3-year specialist education from the Danish Institute of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.

Joan founded A&D Resources in 2002 after more than a decade of management consulting experience including positions with HP and PA Consulting Group.