Head of Operations

Helle Hylleberg

Head of Operations
About Helle Hylleberg

As Head of Operations, Helle holds a multifaceted role at A&D Resources. Helle is responsible for ensuring a smooth and flawless operations flow including leading our support team, leading our project management office, implementing IT solutions and upholding GDPR.

Helle is an expert in designing efficient policies, processes and work flows throughout A&D to support best in class service to our clients. Along with the rest of the management team, she leads first and foremost with quality assurance in mind.

Helle brings extensive experience within project management and quality assurance to the role. She is a seasoned team leader with a background in international network and education management. 

Helle holds a bachelor degree in Education and modern languages. Prior to joining A&D Resources she spent nearly a decade working in the university sector in the UK and some years managing an international network of legal professionals.