Associated Senior Consultant

Gerhard Vogt Thaysen

Associated Senior Consultant
Seasoned Coach and in-depth assessor
M.Sc. Psychology
About Gerhard Vogt Thaysen

Gerhard Vogt Thaysen holds an M.Sc. from Aarhus University. Since 2001 Gerhard has worked as a Business Psychologist and has had his own praxis in Aarhus. He has acquired extensive experience working with organisational development, management team processes and personal leadership development, primarily through coaching and feedback.

With his organisational understanding, leadership knowledge and his psychological insight, Gerhard helps and challenges his clients to achieve personal and professional development.

Gerhard has specifically grown a force in assisting leadership transition in the leadership pipeline. He has similarly gained significant experience working with stress management, individually and in organisations. Additionally, Gerhard has experience with the implementation of values and culture changes in private and public organisations.