An individual assessment or an assessment initiative impacting a number of individuals is typically initiated to more closely analyse and describe an individual's suitability for a specific role, and get validated insight on motivational drives, strenghts, social ability, likely performance levels and important developmental areas.

Such information directly supports highly informed decisions about which individuals best meet your company's requirements, dramatically reduces staff turn-over, whilst increasing engagement and productivity.

Events that may warrant an assessment initiative could be:

  • Selecting candidates for specific roles and jobs
  • Verification of leadership pipeline and building a succession plan
  • Selecting candidates for talent programmes
  • Major organisational change such as for example re-organisation or change of strategy
  • New management in need of factual data on a given population
  • Poor performance in an organisation, division or team
  • M&A - Due diligience and On-boarding


We base our assessment process on the three core personality assessments of Hogan Assessment Systems (HPI, HDS, MVPI) and frequently administrate also the validated cognitive assessment Matrigma for a complete assessment. The tests are administered online and are validated on a total of more than 200 occupations. The tests are normed on working adults and are available in more than 55 languages. Each test takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.